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Manasquan Fishing - Manasquan InletThe Manasquan Inlet is one of the more popular places to fish all year-round. In season, fluke and striped bass provide a nice day of fishing and definitely a nice meal.

You don't need a boat to fish in the Manasquan Inlet. On any given day, you will see many fishermen fishing off the rocks of the Manasquan Inlet. Bait and fishing gear is available right nearby.

If you're on a boat, traveling down through the Manasquan Inlet all the way out to the Atlantic Ocean, you will be passing Monmouth County to your left and Ocean County to your right. Manasquan fishing boats provide great fishing throughout the summer months. Check out the local marinas and party boats on the New Jersey Shore.

Manasquan has one mile of sandy beach with designated areas for swimming, rafting, volleyball and fishing. Handicapped Access is featured on the beach as well.